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The Future of the Book

May 4, 2012


The Kindle made ebooks popular, but the ipad and other mobile devices are making us question both the form and the function of books. Authors, publishers and academics are all interested in the future the book. I am at an MIT event about the future of the book. This is an academic event but I have already learned one interesting fact: when printing first became popular-in Europe, the fonts in the newly printed books resembled the cursive writing in the (handwritten)manuscripts.



The Future of Learning

March 2, 2012

More here; You Tube video of my talk at TEDx here.


February 15, 2012

I gave a talk at NIAS on M-Theories, which is my approach to the intersection of mind, metaphysics and mathematics.  You can see the prezi of the talk here or on the prezi page.

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Synthesis explained

December 4, 2011

Modern technology offers new ways of story telling and of combining images narrative and other media. One of the best new tools is the nonlinear presentation format, best exemplified by the prezi. Here is a prezi explaining (as I see it) the key issues in a synthetic approach to scientific questions. You can see it on a larger screen here.

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C3 vs D3

November 6, 2011

Learning should be Continuous, Contextual and Creative. Instead it is Discrete, Disconnected and Dull.

I don’t see how our educational institutions (see the picture above) can ever hope to bridge this gap. Is it time to tear down the entire superstructure of education and create a new edifice? Certainly in a country like India which doesn’t have a history of a reasonably functional education in the modern era, I see no reason to continue along the current path. It is not as if we have to tear down Harvard’s and MIT’s. Just as the mobile revolution made landlines irrelevant, can technology be used to make the current educational ladder irrelevant? Apart from certification and social signalling does a degree from an Indian school or university count for anything at all?